We all write about 3 or 4 am because it is so damn poetic. However, have you been awake at 6 am in the city? Have you felt the fresh air of the morning on your soft lips? If you have not, then you should.

The way the sun rises over the city it is so romantic you will fall in love with the world. It shines over the ghetto streets and you somehow, just for a little bit, you let go of the heartbreak from the night before. The streets are empty but few souls walk the boulevards. And drunk people are asleep on the bus stops, I guess they were on their way home but sometimes home is under the naked sky. Fathers and mothers are on their way to work with a cup of coffee in their hand and messy thoughts in their head. The avenues are dirty with cigarettes packages and love letters but the lovely breeze will clean up. You will smile just a little bit when you know that the universe has given you one more chance to be alive.

Take a break from screaming into your pillow at 3 am, and crying your veins out at 4 am. Buy a ticket, a cup of coffee and get lost in the city you think you have known. You don’t. The world has so much to confess at 6 am in the morning.

Beautiful At 6 AM by Royla Asghar

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I am complicated.
half of my poems
are warning people not to get close to me
and the other half
are begging them to come near.
I am not simple.
I am not the kind of person you fall in love with.
Please, love me. Amanda Helm (via amandaspoetry)

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I’m not sure which is worse: intense feeling, or the absence of it. Margaret Atwood (via vvolare)

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